Fixing Your Garage Door

03/09/2013 08:11

There are two major varieties of springs, torsion and extension. Extension springs run above the tracks parallel to your ceiling. Torsion springs are wrapped about a bar that is above your garage door opening.

In the majority of cases if one of your springs is broken it will be totally not possible to open your garage door. The exception is if you have a single door and it is made of a light metal. In any case it's best not to attempt to open your door yourself. It may lead to injury.

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While the average homeowner should never attempt to replace an torsion spring with no specific training, extension springs are possible to replace. Replacement springs will generally be found in big box stores.

While a lot of garage door repairs necessitate a skilled technician to perform the repairs, there are some things that a homeowner may fruitfully work on. One of those objects is the stop/reverse lights.

By far the most universal sensor that stops and reverses your garage door is a set of "eyes" that are positioned toward the bottom of your garage door's track on either side of the door.

At times your garage door eyes will stop and reverse your door when there's no apparent reason. One reason may be that your stop/reverse units have been bumped and are no longer pointing at each other. If you suspect that is the problem, make use of the set screws or wing nuts to correct the lights, not a hammer.

The major reason that your door will stop and reverse is that your "eyes" are operating exactly as they are supposed to. There is something blocking your garage door. Sometimes whatever is blocking the door is not clear, so vigilantly look around your garage door opening. Eventually you'll figure out what it is.

Another cause for your garage door failing is that some filth or condensation has actually gotten on the lenses of the "eyes" they usually can not complete the circuit.

If your door is still acting irradically the problem may not be your stop/reverse lights after all. You may have a problem with the logic board or the gear sprocket in your opener.

If your opener is the problem you will be happy to know that you most likely don't have to replace it. Parts are accessible to garage door technicians who can repair your opener at a fraction of the cost of a new opener.

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Garage doors are as a rule very dependable and taken for granted by their owners. That means that when one breaks, it is typically a new occurrence for the typical home owner. They are not attentive of the existence of garage door companies and they are afraid that their garage door will be expensive to fix. Luckily garage door businesses are in a competitive environment and this keeps their fees affordable. Give one of them a call. You may be pleasantly surprised.