Garage Door Fixes

01/29/2013 12:31

Garage doors need springs to operate. Without a spring to lift the mass of the garage door, it would be impossible to open. There are two varieties of spring employed in garage door construction. Torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are located along the top of your garage door when it is shut. Extension springs run along the tracks on either side of your door when it is open.

It will be very exhausting or totally impossible to open your garage door if one of your springs is broken. This may be really inconvenient in case you are trying to open your garage door to get your automobile out. It may be much more trying if you are going someplace essential, like work.

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Unfortunately for a lot of homeowner, if one of your springs is damaged, there's not much to do apart from to call a garage door replacement business and have them come out and change the springs.

While numerous garage door repairs need a trained technician to carry out the repairs, there are some items that a homeowner may profitably work on. One of those objects is the stop/reverse lights.

If you look towards the underside of the tracks on both side of your garage door opening, one can find a set of "eyes". They are there for your safety as well as the protection of your property and pets. If the beam is interrupted, your garage door will stop descending and begin going back up. Often your garage door opener light will even flash.

One cause in your "eyes" to not work is that they have been bumped in such a manner that they do not point in the correct direction. A small adjustment can normally take care of this. within the correct direction.

If adjusting the beams does not handle your problem, vigilantly check around the opening of your garage door. The object that may be blocking the door's path may not be totally obvious. Look carefully.

An additional cause for your garage door failure is that some dirt or condensation has actually gotten on the lenses of the "eyes" they usually can no longer full the circuit.

Another reason of an unpredictable garage door is that your opener's logic board or gear sprocket has malfunctioned.

While a homeowner armed with an adventurous spirit and a certain quantity of mechincal ability can replace a logic board and a gear sprocket, perhaps the easiest course of action is to merely phone a garage door professional and have the issue taken care of.

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One of the good things concerning garage doors is that they are extremely dependable. Most people go years and years without a problem. That means that when a problem does develop, it is often a new experience for a home owner. With any luck your repair will be simple and the cost affordable. Good luck!