Garage Door Funtioning Issues

01/27/2013 01:58

There are 2 Garage doors have two main varieties of springs. The most typical kind of spring is a torsion spring. Torsion springs are installed above the door opening. Tension springs are installed along the garage door's horizontal tracks. Each sorts of springs do the identical thing. They provide a lot of the power that causes your door to open.

The malfunction of either one of the two springs on your garage door may most likely keep you from being able to open your garage door.

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Regrettably for a lot of homeowner, if one of your springs is damaged, there's not much to do with the exception of to call a garage door replacement company and have them come out and replace the springs.

However here is an item you can easily and should repair for yourself. When you have an opener, you also have some sort of interrupter tool that retains the door from closing if its course is blocked.

By far the most universal sensor that stops and reverses your garage door is a pair of "eyes" that are situated toward the bottom of your garage door's track on either side of the door.

It is possible that the stop/reverse lights are now not pointing at each other. If that is so, it could be doable to adjust them so that they point within the correct direction.

If adjusting the beams doesn't fix your issue, carefully look around the opening of your garage door. The object that can be blocking the door's path may not be totally obvious. Look carefully.

If you've looked high and low for the thing blocking your garage door to the point that you have become frustrated, it may be that nothing is blocking it. Occassionally a fleck of dirt, an insect or condensation has gotten on the lenses of your stop/reverse lights. Wipe the lenses with a dry cloth and see if that works.

Another cause of an unpredictable garage door is that your opener's logic board or gear sprocket has malfunctioned.

While a homeowner armed with an adventurous spirit and a certain amount of mechincal aptitude can replace a logic board and a gear sprocket, perhaps the easiest course of action is to merely call a garage door professional and have the issue taken care of.

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Garage doors are usually very reliable and taken for granted by their owners. That means that when one fails, it is generally a new occurrence for the average home owner. They are not aware of the existence of garage door companies and they are apprehensive that their garage door will be costly to fix. Luckily garage door businesses are in a competitive environment and this keeps their rates reasonable. Give one of them a call. You may be pleasantly surprised.