Garage Door Openers Are All over the place

04/04/2013 17:18

There are two major kinds of springs, torsion and extension. Extension springs run along the tracks parallel to your ceiling. Torsion springs are wound around a bar that is above your garage door opening.

In most cases if one of your springs is broken it can be absolutely not possible to open your garage door. The exception is if you have a single door and it is made of a light metal. In any case it is best not to attempt to open your door yourself. It might lead to injury.

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If you have extension springs and one of them is not working, you may be able to locate a replacement and change it yourself. However torsion springs are a different matter. If you have a broken torsion spring you ought to phone a garage door company to complete the repair unless you have been specifically educated on replacing torsion springs.

There are a number of items concerning your garage door that you can trouble shoot and fix youself. If you have a garage door opener then you also have some kind of interrupter device that can stop your door from closing if an object is in the way. Generally they are stop/reverse lights.

Perhaps probably the most typical interrupter device is a set of "eyes" which can be mounted on the garage door track. They point to one another utilizing an infrared beam. One is a transmitter and the opposite is a receiver. If the receiver can't get what the transmitter is sending then the garage door will stop and typically reverse. Often this is accompanied by the garage door opener gentle flashing.

Every so often your garage door eyes will stop and reverse your door when there's no apparent reason. One cause may be that your stop/reverse units have been bumped and are no longer pointing at each other. If you believe that is the problem, use the set screws or wing nuts to correct the lights, not a hammer.

If adjusting the beams doesn't fix your issue, vigilantly look around the opening of your garage door. The object that may be blocking the door's path may not be totally obvious. Look carefully.

If you've spent quite a period searching for the item that is blocking your garage door and nothing seems to work, try wiping the lenses of your stop/reverse lights with a paper towel. Maybe a bug or mark has gotten on the lense.

If your door is still acting irradically the problem may not be your stop/reverse lights after all. You may have a problem with the logic board or the gear sprocket in your opener.

A DIY kind of home-owner can replace these items, however you may want the proper parts. They can be difficult, but not not possible to find.

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One of the good things regarding garage doors is that they are very dependable. Most people go years and years without a issue. That means that when a problem does develop, it is often a new experience for a homeowner. With any luck your repair will be easy and the price affordable. Good luck!