Garage Door Openers May Think

07/30/2013 02:34

Are you thinking about your garage door? Perhaps not. But perhaps you should be. That's since your garage door likely makes up a large portion of the frontage of your home. If your garage door is not in the best shape, then your home will not look its best.

Most homeowners take their garage doors for granted. They are just a component of the garage. However the fact is that a well heeled garage door can dramatically improve your home's appearance and thus its value.

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Do you have a builder grade garage door? The majority of homes do. Even as a builder grade door might not be unattractive, it offers little in the way of adornment. Upgrading your garage door will return in value about 90 percent of the cash you spend to achieve it. This is more than you would get by redecorating a bathroom or kitchen. And it is probably a lot less costly.

There are numerous attractive doors from which you may decide and you will discover that these doors can be an interesting improvement to your home's appearance.

Listed here are a number of the considerations

There are diverse color schemes from which you may select. Several versions of garage doors come with raised panels. When the raised panels are painted one color while the recessed portion is painted another color, an appealing and very striking pattern develops.

One relatively ordinary type of upgrade door is a carriage house door. Just like the name implies, these doors have the appearance of hinges so as to open outward. Consequently the name "carriage house". The wonderful thing is that these are overhead sectional garage doors just like any other. But they look incredibly nice.

Windows on garage doors can also make a big difference to the door's appearance. Palladium style windows, if they match the decor of your home can really make a great impression. What ever type of window you have in your garage door, the concept is to match the style of window in the rest of your house.

How about a garage door you can see through? Well almost. Semi-opaque garage doors can let light shine right through the entire door, yet have the items inside your garage be indistinguishable to people outside the garage. Although semi-opaque doors are not the norm in most homes, when you see one, you'll like it and you'll never forget it.

How about garage door enhancement on a budget? Can you purchase a bucket of paint? Just painting your garage door can make a big difference to the appearance of your home. Try two different colors and take your time to do a good job. Garage doors are easy to paint and the results on your home's appearance can be mind blowing. Painting may only take one afternoon plus a few dollars and you'll amaze yourself.

A nice garage door can increase the value of your home from 1 to 4 percent. If you can improve your door to get to the 4 percent area, you may have an enormous return on your investment.

Whether you paint your door for a few greenbacks or spend a couple thousand dollars on a new upgraded door, you can scarcely go wrong with this project. You will find a new source of pleasure in your accomplishment. As you come and go from your home you will constantly see your garage door and how nice it looks. You might just encourage your neighbors to work on their garage doors too!
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