Garage Door Spring Repair

05/13/2013 18:28

Are you thinking about your garage door? Most likely not. But possibly you should be. That's because your garage door perhaps makes up a sizeable portion of the frontage of your house. If your garage door is not in the best shape, then your home will not look its best.

If you would like to boost the value of your home, one of the least pricey ways to accomplish that is to add to its curb appeal. Plus possibly one of the better ways to augment your home's curb appeal is to beautify your garage door.

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You can add to the curb appeal and therefore the value of your home by replacing what might be a builder grade garage door with an upscale model. This would improve your home's value up to approximately 90 percent of what you might spend for the replacement door. This is a higher percentage than you would achieve from remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. And also the sum of money you would pay out would likely be a smaller amount than for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

People in the garage door industry have been busy designing and producing doors that are attractive as well as functional. These doors will add that additional zip to your homes look that will create a huge difference to your home's price.

Here are a number of considerations on the topic of upgrading your garage door.

While the color of your garage door is usually selected to go with or compliment your home's exterior, meeting that criteria offers you a broad assortment of colors from which to chose. If your door has raised panels, you can make use of one color on the raised portion and another on the recessed portion of your door.

One relatively common type of upgrade door is a carriage house door. Just like the name implies, these doors have the appearance of hinges that open outward. Consequently the name "carriage house". The great thing is that these are overhead sectional garage doors just like any other. But they look exceptionally nice.

Windows are a further feature that can improve a garage door's appearance. Paladuim or beveled windows, or windows that expand the appearance of the windows in your house can have a dramatic effect on your home's look. Of course these windows can be opaque or semi-opaque for privacy.

Windows can be opaque or semi-opaque, but also entire garage doors can be semi-opaque. You might think, who would want a garage door that you can see through? Once you see an installtion of a semi-opaque door, you will be amazed at its markedly beautiful appearance. With the proper back lighting it is not possible to observe the items inside your garage, but the lights cast a fantastic glow through the door which attracts and holds your attention.

How about garage door improvement on a budget? Can you acquire a bucket of paint? Just painting your garage door can make a large difference to the look of your home. Try two different colors and take your time to do a good job. Garage doors are easy to paint and the results on your home's appearance can be mind blowing. Painting will only require one afternoon along with a few dollars and you'll amaze yourself.

An updated garage door adds 1% to 4% toward the worth of your dwelling. That's a lot for only painting your door, especially if you are able to get to the 4% side of the range.

Regardless of whether you paint your door for a few greenbacks or spend a couple thousand dollars on a new upgraded door, you can hardly go wrong with this project. You will find a new source of satisfaction in your success. As you come and go from your home you will constantly notice your garage door and how good it looks. You might just encourage your neighbors to work on their garage doors also!
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