Garage Door Systems

02/10/2013 21:26

Garage doors have two main types of springs. Extension springs run along the horizontal tracks on either side of your garage. They obtain their power by extending. Torsion springs go along a bar you can see above your garage door when it is closed. Torsion springs obtain their strength from twisting.

If one of the springs on your garage door breaks, you may not be able to open your door. The springs are under tension when your door is shut, so the break is most likely occur without you even being conscious of it happening.

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If you have extension springs and one of them is busted, you may be able to find a replacement and change it yourself. However torsion springs are a different matter. If you have a broken torsion spring you ought to call a garage door company to complete the repair unless you have been specifically trained on replacing torsion springs.

While lots of garage door repairs necessitate a qualified technician to do the repairs, there are some items that a home owner may profitably work on. One of those items is the stop/reverse lights.

At the bottom of the tracks on either side of your garage door opening, you may most likely see a pair of stop/reverse lights. These lights are actually a transmitter and a receiver of infrared beams. If the beam is broken your door will stop going down, reverse and go all the way back up. As a rule your garage door light will flash when this happens.

Occassionally your garage door's "eyes" will get bumped in such a way that they are no longer pointing in the direction of each other. If that is the case, cautiously adjust the beams. Do not strike them with a hammer. There are adjusting brackets attached to the tracks that ought to be adjusted with a screw driver.

The motive the stop/reverse system is there is that it stops your door from closing when something is in its path. Verify your garage door opening and take away any item which will potentially be blocking your garage door. It will almost definitely prove successful.

If there's nothing visibly blocking your garage door, don't tear your hair out. There's one more thing to try. Get a paper towel and wipe the lenses on your stop/reverse lights. From time to time condensation or a little bug or dust particle may get on the lense and cause all your stop/reverse problems.

If your door is still acting irradically the trouble may not be your stop/reverse lights after all. You may have a problem with the logic board or the gear sprocket in your opener.

A DIY sort of home-owner can change these things, but you will need the proper parts. They can be difficult, however not impossible to find.

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Garage doors are typically very reliable and taken for granted by their owners. That means that when one breaks, it is frequently a new occurrence for the average home owner. They are not aware of the existence of garage door companies and they are worried that their garage door can be costly to fix. Fortunately garage door businesses are in a competitive environment and this keeps their fees reasonable. Give one of them a call. You can be pleasantly surprised.