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04/07/2013 21:50

There are 2 major varieties of springs, torsion and extension. Extension springs go above the tracks parallel to your ceiling. Torsion springs are wound around a bar that is above your garage door opening.

Your garage door is so heavy that if you don't have some assistance in the form of a spring to help you or your opener, you won't be able to get your door open. A real pain when your car is stuck in your garage.

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While the typical homeowner should by no means attempt to replace an torsion spring with no specific training, extension springs are feasible to replace. Replacement springs will usually be found in big box stores.

There are a number of items concerning your garage door that you can trouble shoot and repair youself. If you own a garage door opener then you also have some sort of interrupter device that will stop your door from closing if an object is in the way. Generally they are stop/reverse lights.

At the bottom of the tracks on either side of your garage door opening, you may most likely find a pair of stop/reverse lights. These lights are in reality a transmitter and a receiver of infrared beams. If the beam is broken your door will stop going down, reverse and go all the way back up. Typically your garage door light will flash when this happens.

At times your garage door eyes will stop and reverse your door when there's no apparent reason. One cause may be that your stop/reverse units have been bumped and are no longer pointing at each other. If you guess that is the problem, use the set screws or wing nuts to adjust the lights, not a hammer.

If adjusting the beams doesn't resolve your trouble, vigilantly check around the opening of your garage door. Whatever may be blocking the door's path may not be entirely obvious. Look carefully.

If you've spent quite a period looking for the article that is blocking your garage door and nothing seems to work, try wiping the lenses of your stop/reverse lights with a paper towel. Possibly a bug or mark has gotten on the lense.

Another cause of an inconsistent garage door is that your opener's logic board or gear sprocket has malfunctioned.

It is possible for a home owner to change both the gear sprocket and logic board. The problem is finding the right components and learning exactly how to replace each item. More often life is simpler if you just get in contact with a garage door professional to perform the replacement. They've helped hundreds of people and they can help you too.

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One of the nice things regarding garage doors is that they are extremely dependable. Most people go years and years without a trouble. That means that when a issue does develop, it is often a new experience for a home owner. With any luck your repair will be easy and the price affordable. Good luck!