Garage Door Technology

02/17/2013 07:10

There are 2 Garage doors have two major sorts of springs. The commonest sort of spring is a torsion spring. Torsion springs are put in above the door opening. Tension springs are put in alongside the garage door's horizontal tracks. Both varieties of springs do the same thing. They supply most of the power that causes your door to open.

If one of the springs on your garage door fails, you may not be able to open your door. The springs are under tension when your door is shut, so the break is most likely occur without you even being conscious of it happening.

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If one of your garage door springs is broken, there's very little the typical house owner can do for herself. The one actual alternative is to get in contact with a garage door company. They are all the time accessible visit and change out your springs.

If you attempt to close your garage door using your opener and the door goes part way down, then stops and goes back up, you most likely have an object blocking your door's travel path. Or possibly not

If you look towards the underside of the tracks on both side of your garage door opening, you will see a set of "eyes". They're there for your protection in addition to the protection of your property and pets. If the beam is interrupted, your garage door will stop going down and begin going back up. Often your garage door opener light may also flash.

Every now and then your garage door eyes will stop and reverse your door when there's no apparent reason. One cause may be that your stop/reverse units have been bumped and are no longer pointing at each other. If you believe that is the problem, make use of the set screws or wing nuts to correct the lights, not a hammer.

The chief reason that your door will stop and reverse is that your "eyes" are operating just as they are designed to. There is something blocking your garage door. Sometimes the object that is blocking the door is not obvious, so vigilantly look around your garage door opening. Ultimately you'll figure out what it is.

It can also be possible that the lenses of your stop/reverse lights are dirty or have condensation on them. That signifies that the lights can't see one another and your door won't work.

Another cause of an erratic garage door is that your opener's logic board or gear sprocket has malfunctioned.

While a homeowner armed with an adventurous spirit and a certain quantity of mechincal talent can replace a logic board and a gear sprocket, perhaps the easiest course of action is to just get in contact with a garage door technician and have the issue taken care of.

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Garage doors are generally very dependable and taken for granted by their owners. That means that when one fails, it is typically a new experience for the average home owner. They are not attentive of the existence of garage door companies and they are afraid that their garage door can be expensive to fix. Fortunately garage door companies are in a competitive environment and this keeps their prices reasonable. Give one of them a call. You can be pleasantly surprised.