Garage Doors Have Eyes Too

06/21/2013 05:35

Are you thinking about your garage door? Almost certainly not. But perhaps you should be. That is because your garage door likely makes up a large portion of the front of your house. If your garage door is not in the best shape, then your house will not appear its best.

Want to get a big bang for your buck? Think about making an improvement in your garage door. A little moola can go a long way if you do.

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Most home enhancements to not return in increased value of your home the amount you spend on the improvement. There is one area that you will see almost a a hundred percent return and that is your garage door.

There are a lot of attractive doors from which you may choose and you will discover that these doors can be an exciting improvement to your home's appearance.

Here are a number of considerations regarding upgrading your garage door.

While the color of your garage door is customarily chosen to go with or compliment your home's exterior, meeting that criteria gives you a broad variety of colors from which to select. If your door has raised panels, you can use one color on the raised part and another on the recessed portion of your door.

One of the more appealing developments in higher end garage doors is the carriage house door. These doors have an outside appearance the implies that they open outward on hinges such as on barn or carriage houses. In fact they are overhead doors that work like conventional garage doors that open in an upward direction and are fully out of the way when open.

There are many types and shapes of windows from which you can chose for your new garage door. Typically the objective with garage door windows is to have the windows have an appearance similar to the windows in your home. Garage doors can have beveled windows or paladium style windows or windows that are opaque or semi-opaque. The alternatives are diverse and interesting.

Windows can be opaque or semi-opaque, but also complete garage doors can be semi-opaque. You may think, who would want a garage door that you can see through? Once you see a home with a semi-opaque door, you will be amazed at its unusually beautiful look. With the suitable back lighting it is impossible to see the items inside your garage, but the lights cast a fantastic glow through the door which attracts and holds your interest.

No money in your budget for an upgraded garage door, or even a new door? Do not dispair. For just a couple of bucks on a nice afternoon you can paint your garage door. If you take your time and use complimentary colors as we mentioned earlier, you can create a vast difference to your home's appearance and value.

Market research reveals that a nicely turned out garage door may raise the price of your home by 1 to 4 percent. This can be a big increase and make the relatively small number of dollars you spend on your garage door well worth it.

Whether or not you paint your door for a few bucks or spend a couple thousand dollars on a new upgraded door, you can scarcely go wrong with this project. You will find a new source of delight in your accomplishment. As you come and go from your home you will always notice your garage door and how good it appears. You might just encourage your neighbors to work on their garage doors too!
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