Garage Doors Like TLC

04/28/2013 23:46

Nobody who takes their garage door for granted does so for very long. Garage doors need attention also. Just because they're reliable, simple to operate and nice-looking, does not imply they can't get your notice in ways that you won't necessarily be pleasant. So pay attention to your door. Your door will love you for it.

Want to get a big bang for your buck? Think about making an improvement in your garage door. A little moola can go a long way if you do.

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You can improve the curb appeal and therefore the value of your home by replacing what might be a builder grade garage door with an upscale model. This would add to your home's value up to approximately 90 percent of what you may spend for the replacement door. This is a greater percentage than you would realize from remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. And also the sum of money you would pay out would probably be a smaller amount than for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

A new garage door with ornamental features could also be just the ticket to growing your property's value.

Here are some of the thoughts.

Many doors come with raised panels, however the door may be a solid color. Without as well much effort, you can paint the raised panels one color and the recessed part of the door a complimentary color. This can make a very nice appearance with very little cash outlay.

Have you ever seen a carriage house door? The modern version of a carriage house door is that of a handy overhead door that when open is completely out of the way, still it looks as if it has hinges to let the door to open outward in two halves. Carriage house doors look exceptionally nice in the correct setting.

Windows are an added feature that can enhance a garage door's appearance. Paladuim or beveled windows, or windows that extend the appearance of the windows in your house can have a dramatic effect on your home's appearance. Of course these windows may be opaque or semi-opaque for privacy.

Would you like a really dramatic upgrade for your garage door? Consider a semi-opaque garage door. With the appropriate back lighting and in the right surroundings these doors can be genuine attention grabbers. No, they're not low-priced, but for the value conscience consumer they can be a hit.

How about garage door improvement on a budget? Can you get a bucket of paint? Merely painting your garage door can make a big difference to the appearance of your home. Try two different colors and take your time to do a good job. Garage doors are easy to paint and the results on your home's appearance can be mind blowing. Painting may only require one afternoon along with a few dollars and you will amaze yourself.

A new, upgraded garage door may add up to 4% to the value of your home. This is a significant value increase and can make the outlay well worth while.

Now that you understand how financially significant your garage door in actuality is to you, it is time to get to work. You can chose to hire a contractor to increase your garage door's value. You can decide to acquire a totally new door. Or you can buy some paint and start working. The option is yours as well as the benefit is completely yours as well.
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